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  1. - on Championing The IKS!

    (edited video-interview in BM version is available)

    A vibrant CEO with a mandate to empower & display the local-made brands.

    Greetings from the NX Digital Studio! Take 3..2..1..Action! Here we are! is ON AIR!    Welcoming an elegant personality to appear on the screen is the CEO of amaxMALL Sdn. Bhd., Datin Dr. Nik Sarina Hashim. With her radiant smile she says – ‘Hello, and thank you for having me here’! - Enough for a brief introduction to welcome the audience.

    The importance of online buying has somewhat shone a spotlight on an important trend: Traditional retailers and brands are deepening their relationships with start-ups commercializing revolutionary technologies and ground-breaking business models. Whether in the form of collaborations or something else, these new alignments highlight an inescapable reality: Everything about how consumers discover, shop and buy is changing, and established retailers and brands must adapt. Shifts in shopping trends are global and the offline-to-online trend is gaining momentum.

    On December 4, 2017, located at the NX Digital Studio, the hosts addressed a series of questions concerning on the current trend of online shopping. ‘Who and what is amaxMALL’ was the first question being addressed to the CEO! Prudently, Datin Nik Sarina reiterate as usual, that it is a shopping portal and that sells various items mainly from the IKS product categories of Food. The other categories of products comprised in the amaxMALL portal are of - Fashion, Mom & Babies, Technical & Gadgets, Beauty & Health and few others. is actually an e-commerce ‘Virtual Store’ for all but specifically given privilege to SMI Entrepreneurs.

    According to Datin Nik Sarina, initially amaxMALL was set up in 2015 under the platform of an e-marketplace. Somehow after having launched it and while under its operation, we studied the industry and what was practiced by other e-marketplace platform players along with other issues arised by the customers. We knew then that we had to add-value to our services. We knew then that we need to revamp some aspects of the process of the way we operate. We then made a ‘rebranding’ of how we believe and should provide our services. AmaxMALL is now a full-fledged ecommerce platform provider. We provide a comprehensive service to our merchants especially among the IKS usahawan. ‘Let amaxMALL manage every usahawan’s A-Z daily business operations. We just want IKS usahawan to provide us with quality products and we will do the rest, - from photoshoot, creative writing and all-the-way to uploading of products’ sampling or pictures and descriptions onto the portal. We even tailor or customise usahawan’s product’s ads during our promotion and campaign period. Don’t just do it or advertise blindly!’ - said the CEO

    We will collect the ordered items at sellers’ place and deliver it straight to customers! Alternatively, sellers themselves would choose to deliver the purchased items to customers, whichever is convenient. We know now that delivery options are growing as timeframes shrink. Today, urban online shoppers can expect deliveries within 1–3 days. As a company that provides an ecommerce marketing services, we always explore new options to deliver packages more efficiently and economically. To revolutionize delivery, we are growing, as well as with our existing logistics partners to accelerate delivery timeframes.

    Will the shopping trend in Malaysia change from a conventional physical store to online? As someone who is managing a dotcom company and continuously monitoring its web portal, the CEO foresees there will be no sudden or drastic change in the buying pattern but there will always be online buyers. As for now, a typical conventional buyers will stay loyal to their current buying behaviour, but we will see a tremendous trend-change to online buying especially among youngsters. It’s the young generation who will be comfortable buying online.

    When asked on the online concept & advantages as compared to the physical store, from the CEO's standpoint, the advantages are that, it depends on the choice of customers. As the technology is rapidly changing, and from the online perspective, the hassles are such of that having difficult parking space, is avoidable. Every sale transaction has been made easy and possible through payment gateway. The product delivery is made very convenient! Products have become cheap. With RM10 worth of a product, one can attain it! – said the CEO.

    With selling and buying online has become so convenient, moreover, due to its nature, products have become cheap. For those whose tendency to purchase online more and unnecessarily, the solution to that, according to Datin Nik Sarina is to have a real self-discipline. She just reminds us to imagine of how wonderful to come home after having a long day at work and to see that your online purchased product lying on the table awaits you. What a surprise! Is like a present and kind of gift!

    There is this interesting question addressed in regards to some risks borne by the physical store when buying online trend is gaining popularity. For examples when Tesco hypermarket can now sell wet items, like fish and meat online? Datin Nik Sarina responded that of course their risk of market share will certainly decrease, but it's up to the management and it all depends on each marketing team to attract customers to their place. According to the latest surveys, 67% of buyers are still comfortable buying physically. Far from going extinct, stores continue to drive the overwhelming majority of retail sales. Stores for now will remain as relevant as ever, but are evolving, for online is gaining its momentum.


    According to the CEO, as for now there is no need to worry much about, because the ‘cake is bigger’ to be shared among the industry players. Interestingly, Datin Nik Sarina remind online buyers to learn and only buy from a secured site to avoid scams. Certainly, amaxmall, like any other secured portals, are regulated & always being monitored by KPDNKK. We always made certain that every information and product details presented and catered for buyers, must conform to the rights of buyers & sellers. Our data protection is guarded & kept strictly confidential. That is our policy!  

    amaxMALL has been collaborating with many government agencies and ministries to provide assistance and support to all usahawan IKS. In fact, many of our local food entrepreneurs at came under MARA, where they manufacture their products at KIMA industrial plant and factory. So, we are with MARA, as well as FELDA, KKLW, KEJORA and several others. amaxmall has always been cooperating with government bodies to help support our local made products for that purpose. amaxmall has its role in promoting SMEs  – stressed the CEO.

    Why is it so important for amaxmall to highlight SMEs and local products? According to Datin Nik Sarina, the reason is that, amaxMALL was originally developed by the Malaysians, for the Malaysians, and are meant for marketing Malaysian products. There are many other portals out there who are targeting and selling products from countries such as China, Korea, Japan and many other foreign countries. Unfortunately, these portals do not give emphasis on our local products. The IKS products do not get the privilege and enough space on their sites.

    Only through amaxMALL platform, and after having registered them, can we then help and support the usahawan all the way. We even help them then to place their online products at retail hypermarkets, provided these are the selected products which have fulfilled all the product’s criteria & requirement. This can and will only benefit many usahawan.

    Notably, it is very encouraging and to serve as a boost to for having many of IKS local made products that cannot be found on other portals. The products such as ‘Rendang Tok’, ‘Kek Lapis’ and ‘Serunding’ are not available at other online portal, and these special products are of a quality items & selectively displayed. In addition to this, there are those other selective products such as, to name the few - Dates, Honey, Black Sambal & Sambal Pahang that could be found on our portal anytime throughout the year. Those products are available and it does not have to be seasonal, such as during Ramadan & Eid Fitri etc. All you need to do is to go through our and be our online buyers. The same goes to all our potential merchants or usahawan who are interested and have products and ready to sell online to just sign in to our There will be a link for anyone to contact us. We also provide an online-chat & email for that purpose. We make certain that every correspondence or call we receive will be channelled to our sales team.

    The NX Studio hosts also eagerly asked the CEO of amaxmall’s future planning and on its current services provided, specifically whether or not, to introduce or add-value to its current services, such as providing motor repair service, cars maintenance service, etc. through

    Datin Nik Sarina says, she is actually looking into the matter but admittedly stated that amaxMALL has not yet offered of such a service of that nature. Although we have received requests especially from many MARA’s students wanting to offer that type of services of repairing and maintenance via Datin Nik Sarina firmed-up by saying that it is a very possible outcome. Many aspects need to be considered before amaxMALL could introduce it. According to her, providing that type of services would involve a different level of ‘Individual or customer’s satisfaction’ that carries the name of the platform service provider, which is We cannot compromise on quality when it comes to that kind of service provided through our portal. Shopping online for products is much easier as compared to providing services for motor repair through online. The rationale behind it is for quality purpose & the protection of consumers’ rights! So, buyers will be satisfied of the services provided and do not have to be deceived. So, buyers will get quality services and/or products.

    As the session approaches the end, Datin Dr. Nik Sarina was asked on her vision or hope for amaxMALL to grow in the next 5 to 10 years from now.

    She continues, as a CEO and managing a dotcom company that continuously encourages every local usahawan IKS to go - on digital, of course, Datin Nik Sarina looks forward for to being a 'locally grown' portal in Malaysia. She knows amaxMALL is not alone and there are other big players with great portals and big fund out there, but she would prefer amaxMALL to remain true to herself! Actually, one of amaxMALL’s missions is to fight and empower more of our local made brands from among local entrepreneurs. is an ecommerce virtual store catered for every usahawan, and we want to display as much of our local made products to be among the top choice by our customers. We believe and prefer to grow organically, rather than drastically! – The CEO concludes her remarks! A Glocal Portal - ‘for the global, but championing the locals’

    Well…indeed, yes we are actually..!


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  2. Karnival Usahawan Desa 2017

    The Karnival Usahawan Desa, KUD was recently held at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur on October 19-22, 2017. The four-day-long carnival had provided a boost for business among entrepreneurs from rural areas nationwide. The carnival had an air of rural hospitality as more shoppers thronged the carnival where some 700 entrepreneurs participated in the event. 

    KUD is a project under the marketing program to promote and expand market access that will maximize rural products / services through the combination of various marketing strategies in one program. It had its focus on six business areas, which were food and beverages, services and hospitality, lifestyle, beauty and wellness, agriculture products as well as Information & Communication Technology, ICT.

    The KUD has actually able to create opportunities for rural products / services to explore market potential. It focuses on creating market opportunities such as diversifying business networks, promoting entrepreneurial spirit and principles by means of market access and commercialization through a matching process.

    It’s all about…..The Business Matching!


    amaxMALL, being the first local e-commerce provider for its digital platform and physical frontstore, has made its presence in one of the biggest events which gathered rural entrepreneurs. Championing the SMEs sector, amaxMALL has played a major role to many events & exhibitions that are organized in town and around, to approach and introduce herself to many business entrepreneurs of what it has to offer.

    With over 700 registered usahawan desa that participated, amaxMALL has somehow managed to offer and successfully matched some of these vendors of fashion, technology, food, motherhood, beauty into amaxMALL’s products categories.

    amaxMALL has to move forward fast enough in conducting its business matching with most of these ‘Usahawan Desa’ who were actively running their businesses and displaying their products on sale.

    One noticeable aspects to drive consistent outputs for the rural industry are the Creativity and Innovation. The rural entrepreneurs needed to develop their creativity in marketing their products on the global market. They also needed to improve their competitiveness and be resilient in facing the new economic landscape to ensure that entrepreneurs will continue with their path to success. These are the important traits that every aggressive ‘Usahawan Desa’ especially, needed to consider and embark on more sophisticated approach of marketing that will reach the global mass, which is - to go digital!    

    amaxMALL has its bigger role in fulfilling this mission and this carnival has given a recognition to amaxMALL as an e-commerce platform provider for micro entrepreneurs, local brands and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as enable their products to be widely marketed.

    Thus, as the world advances into a more digitalised and connected world, amaxMALL, on its target mission, has been shouting to all entrepreneurs to go ‘Digital’ by promoting its marketing platforms for its comprehensive services. Not only on the digitalised marketing aspects, let amaxMALL handle the hassle of their day-to-day business operations. Usahawan Desa need to maximise digital technology and leverage on it to ensure their place on the global supply chain. This will ensure that entrepreneurs from the rural area will not be left behind as the world moves towards a digital industry. Usahawan Desa need to realise that it is the digital age and this is the new normal, where products are moved on the global supply chain by cashless means and even without human contact.

    With collaboration with amaxMALL that offers both digital and physical platforms, these are the groups of entrepreneurs that are yet to be guided to improve on their products, including having information on ingredients as well as barcodes and on packaging so they could be sold at hypermarkets.

    It is on this matching process with these usahawan desa, amaxMALL managed to gather and register around 30 usahawan desa with great potential. As usual, amaxMALL will be continuously make its presence to provide a great platform for new business ventures and to expand their network for marketing, be it digitally or at the physical frontstore.

    The carnival served as a one-stop centre as visitors could meet a lot of entrepreneurs at the same place. Through such strategic collaboration, it has amaxMALL as a trusted, complete e-commerce platform and a leader in marketing cross-brand new generation cross-border brands.


    Again, according to amaxMALL’s CEO, Datin Dr. Nik Sarina Hashim, a conducive platforms like amaxMALL encouraged traditional businesses, especially SMEs and micro entrepreneurs to move into e-commerce. amaxMALL will always assist local entrepreneurs to expand into e-commerce in Malaysia. 

    At the end of the carnival event, our Account Managers managed to gather and meet with a group of usahawan and/or suppliers from different product categories and especially from the food and beverage industry to inquire about amaxMALL and its services.

    “The carnival gave us a chance to improve our business as we were able to meet people from amaxMALL for its marketing platforms services along with SIRIM to guide us on packaging,” - said one of the usahawan.

    The carnival was really a crowd-puller for visitors to PWTC due to the products and services offered there and explore new markets, or establish connections with the entrepreneurs.


    …..with the registrations & technical know-how, amaxMALL managed to connect with the Usahawan Desa. As usual, we have done it again!

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  3. amaxMALL Open Day

    An event that gives a welcome to the community and a unique insight of the e-commerce company who provides both digital & physical marketing opportunity to empower the local brands!

    There’s only so much information you can get of a product from a company’s website or portal during online shopping.  You’ll probably come across lots of glossy images of a company and its product profile & descriptions, nature of the business operation, people and several of events held. But these only touch the surface of what it’s like actually being displayed - And that’s where company’s Open Day comes in. 

    amaxMALL had just recently organized its Open Day at TTDI premise on November 1-5, 2017.


    Being the first local e-commerce platform & service provider, YES, We Sell Online! Nevertheless, amaxMALL’s lines of categories of selected quality local products and brands are displayed too at physical storefront. What more can amaxMALL offers to the general public and potential customers during its recent 5-day event of an OFFLINE SALE.

    For the purpose of enhancing its brand’s awareness, the amaxMALL Open Day was held to introduce some of the local brands and entrepreneurial products available on the digital platform. Among the local entrepreneurs who are participating in the Open Day are such as, SoftieDry, 2nd Chance by Suri, Nori Skincare, Forest Color, Ayrarapunzel, Be Boldz, Allana Exclusive and Aishh Label.

    The main counter - ‘Citarasa Orang Kita’ that showcase the local food and beverage products from Cookies Most Wanted, AdeqSue, Monalisa Tempe, Leemo, Rempy Chips, Precious Popcorn, Vias Food and more, somehow had attracted the most visitors and generated many sales! 

    The theme - ‘Citarasa Orang TTDI’ was exclusively chosen to highlight the event and catered for TTDI community and also the surrounding neighborhood. This interesting event and activities organized by amaxMALL had attracted not only the TTDI people but also visitors from around Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Damansara that attended the fun day.



    Prior to it, the Open Day flyers have been passed around to spur the excitement! Plenty of interesting sales promotions and activities were organized for the event such as amaxBABIES Search, that turned out to be one of the most exciting events where excited parents brought their adorable babies and kids to the event.

    amaxMALL is actually on a look-out to select few babies and kids to be portrayed in amaxMALL’s advertisement during its promotional and campaign activities!


    Excitingly, amaxMALL and SoftieDry have collaborated to promote amaxBABIES Search to find models of children below 10 years. A two-day search at amaxMALL Studio. Five (5) winners will be selected to become amaxMALL children's model and win an attractive prize for SoftieDry sponsored and cashback vouchers from amaxMALL.

    In addition to the sales counter, there is also a 2nd Chance by Suri counter that invites those present to donate their used jeans to assist the union of single mothers. A Free Make-Over of make-up activities organized by Forest Color has also attracted the attention of the public to try out local cosmetics products. This Open Day is also spurred by the presence of local celebrities Riezman (R for Recipe) and Nadia Mustafa (Aeno).

    This, amaxMALL Open Day is also infused with Business Matching & Pocket Talk sessions held especially for local entrepreneurs who are interested in embarking on the digital and physical business opportunities with amaxMALL.


    "The amaxMALL Open Day will continue in the coming year to give the opportunity to more local entrepreneurs to participate" - said Chief Executive Officer, amaxMALL Sdn. Bhd., Datin Dr. Nik Sarina Hashim.

    A successful event held......indeed!   






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    I am awakened by a loud cry. Aliya stands wailing in her crib. Her round face with large almond shaped eyes that are now wet. I give her a kiss and glance at the clock on my bedside table. It flashes 530am. I stagger out of bed and stroke Aliya's curly locks whilst inserting her Tommy Tippee pink pacifier in her mouth with the hope that she will stop her crying for a wee bit. It works.

    I remove her Avent bottle from the Bubbles bottle warmer. A trick I had learnt recently so that a quick bottle of milk was ready for my little one immediately when needed. Not to mention to avoid my mind going into panic mode with a hungry baby. It helps make sure my day starts on a calmer note. I pass the baby the bottle and watch as she guzzles her Puremil full cream milk with gusto which she loves. She used to be a fussy feeder before Puremil. How time has flown by, I think. Aliya is now 1 year old.

    My mind drifts to my busy morning ahead. My life has been a whirlwind ever since Aliya came along. Baby makes 2 kids. Aliya soon falls back to bed. I wrap her with her Bebe Au Lait Muslin Blanket and head down to work on breakfast and Amran’s lunch box. On my way, I stand on my weighing scale. A smile comes to me as I see the numbers that flash 56.7kgs, 300gms lighter than last morning. A sigh escapes me. It is difficult to lose with as I grow older. My post pregnancy weight sent me into a state of depression. I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was the right way for me to lose weight. Then I discovered Enerfiber on Amaxmall., a botanical beverage that helps me get back into shape.

    I pour myself a cup of warm water and empty a sachet of Enerfiber Botanical beverage into it. I sit by the kitchen counter top sipping my drink. I could not help but think What a god sent Amaxmall is! All my daily breakfast needs and more in one place.

    I contemplate what to make for Amran to take to school. As usual, I pack him 2 CMW chocolate chop cookies as a little treat of his day. Amran love's them and would be happy to munch on them at school. Amran loves nuts and I was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful array of nuts on Amaxmall. I could not resist Pak Haji Gred A1 California pistachios and walnuts. They make a good energy food for Amran to play with his friends at school. I also pack him a bottle of Mango flavoured Stevea Combo Cordial to quench his thirst. Stevea, I had read, was a healthy substitute for sugar. I also decide then to make Amran a pancake using the Safya Magic Flour which I also discovered on Amaxmall. I put some eggs and butter into a bowl. In goes in some stevia and the flour and soon I have 5 pancakes done!

    I hear the shower facet in our room. Imran must be awake. I quickly put on some coffee. I remember how Imran's eyes shone when I first served a cup of Pacific Bru Breakfast Bru Coffee for breakfast one day. I found the coffee beans from Amax mall too. Imran is an avid coffee drinker and was pleased that I had found him his favourite coffee. Imran loves a simple breakfast of coffee and toast. As the coffee brews, I fish out a can of corned kambing by Pawada and enak Abadi Sambal Hijau. My recent discovery from Amaxmall. I stir fry them both and am sure Imran will love them with his coffee.

    “Mama, the Bas Sekolah” is here Amran says as he runs in to the kitchen. “See you later Mama and don’t forget, I want corned beef for lunch from Amaxmall, okay?” . “Of course! I say as I give my little 5 year old a hug and kiss on his cheek. Soon Imran is off to work too and Aliya’s nanny arrives. It is time for me to head to the gym. But first, I order some food stuff from Amaxmall. I order some coffee, pistachios, cans of corned beef and Puremil. I love Amaxmall. Amaxmall is my trusted mall. Amaxmall has made my life easy and simple. I grab my car keys and head out the door.

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  5. Pawada Corned Mutton @ Batu Caves, Selangor

     am a huge fan of Corned Mutton and ever since Barkath Store stopped importing the Carters Brand Corned Mutton due to it's high price, I had been searching for this everywhere. What we commonly get nowadays is only Corned Beef. You do get Corned Chicken at some foreign supermarkets in Mont Kiara but not Corned Mutton. 

    Finally I discovered this brand called Pawada, a Malaysian company that has it's roots in Sarawak. Having started as a company that grows pepper, today they manufacture a number of other items as well. I have not seen these on the shelves yet but Amaxmall, an e-commerce company does sell them online. In fact, under the same brand, they have Corned Beef, Corned Mutton, Corned Chicken and Corned Haruan. If you go for the large can, it's being sold at RM 18.00 but they do have a combo set that is priced at RM 45.00 which comes with two large cans and one small can. I placed my orders online and it was delivered in a breeze. Thumbs up to Amaxmall for the speedy service. 

    Compared to the one's that we get from Australia, this one had less fat but it wasn't as flaky. It was more like a hybrid between Luncheon Meat and Corned Mutton. 

    This Corned Mutton was slightly different to the one's that we get from Australia and New Zealand. It wasn't as flaky and it was like a mix between Luncheon Meat and Corned Mutton. Taste wise, they had also added sugar at the factory, probably to suit the local taste buds. I would say that it wasn't really close to Carters but still something is better than nothing. Good job to Pawada for introducing this item that I had long missed. To order this Corned Mutton, you could place your orders at  since they are not yet available on the shelves. 

    Article By  Venoth Nathan Blogspot

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  6. Didik rasa bersyukur

    Cabaran ibu bapa masa kini untuk mendidik dan membesarkan anak memang hebat. Mereka perlu berdepan perkembangan pesat teknologi canggih termasuk gajet yang banyak memberi pengaruh kepada pemikiran anak.

    Perkara ini secara tidak langsung memaksa ibu bapa berfikir secara kreatif dan sentiasa menambah ilmu bagi merangka kaedah mendidik yang sentiasa berubah sesuai peredaran zaman.

    Biarpun sibuk dengan tugasan harian, ia bukan alasan untuk ibu bapa melepaskan tanggungjawab kepada sekolah, orang gaji atau pengasuh kerana peranan mereka sangat besar dalam perkembangan permata hati.

    Bukan saja dari segi akademik, jiwa anak juga perlu diisi dengan didikan agama agar mereka dapat membezakan antara perbuatan baik dan buruk sekali gus mampu melahirkan generasi prihatin, berkeyakinan tinggi, cintakan Allah serta Rasul.

    Memahami kepentingan didikan dunia dan akhirat yang seimbang dalam diri kanak-kanak, Zurriyat Ventures Sdn Bhd menganjurkan Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair (MICF) 2017.

    Menurut Pengerusi Pesta Kanak-Kanak Islam Malaysia (MICF) Dayang Lily Maznah Abang Muas, kasih sayang dan rasa syukur adalah dua nilai yang sangat penting untuk disemai dalam diri anak.

    “Melalui projek kemasyarakatan dan aktiviti sepanjang program ini berlangsung, sedikit sebanyak ia boleh mendidik kanak-kanak dengan semangat melakukan kebaikan serta belas kasihan kepada rakan lain yang kurang bernasib baik selain mencungkil bakat terpendam.

    “Ia juga mendidik jiwa kanak-kanak untuk lebih bersyukur dengan kehidupan yang dilalui. Sifat belas kasihan boleh dipupuk dengan mengajar anak untuk bersatu dan saling menyokong melalui perpaduan,” katanya ketika berucap merasmikan acara kali kelima itu, baru-baru ini.

    Hadir sama, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Datin Dr Nik Sarina Lugman Hashim dan Setiausaha Persatuan Kebajikan AnNajah Selangor (PKAS) Yazman Mat Raschid.

    MICF adalah acara tahunan yang mula diadakan sejak 2013. Acara ini menempatkan pempamer yang terbabit dalam industri pendidikan dan perkembangan kanak-kanak serta keluarga Muslim dan berjaya menarik lebih 100,000 pengunjung sejak tahun pertama dianjurkan.

    Sebagai pameran kanak-kanak Islam yang terbesar di Malaysia, ia menarik ramai pengunjung khususnya ibu bapa, pendidik dan kanak-kanak terutama dalam kalangan individu yang mementingkan nilai Islam dalam kehidupan mereka.

    Sempena ulang tahun MICF Ke-5 yang berlangsung pada 26 hingga 31 Julai di Taman Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia Serdang (MAEPS) Serdang, beberapa pembaharuan diperkenalkan.

    Antaranya, tempoh pameran berlangsung iaitu selama lima hari (sebelum ini tiga hari), serentak dengan Pesta Buku Persatuan Penerbit Buku Malaysia (MABOPA) 2017 dan ruang pameran yang lebih fokus kepada pembelajaran melalui pengalaman.

    Didik, asah bakat

    Pelbagai aktiviti menarik dianjurkan termasuk Pertandingan Bercerita Kisah Dari Al-Quran (Sekolah Rendah), Cabaran Arkitek Muda (Sekolah Rendah dan Sekolah Menengah), Young Muslim Talent (Sekolah Rendah), Pencarian Muazzin Muda (Tadika dan Sekolah Rendah) serta Pencarian Solehah Cilik (Sekolah Rendah).

    Setiap satu pertandingan mempunyai matlamat tersendiri. Misalnya, pertandingan Young Muslim Talent bertujuan mendedahkan kanak-kanak dengan kepelbagaian bakat yang ada termasuk dari negara luar dan dalam kalangan kelainan upaya.

    Bakat yang dipersembahkan perlu selari dengan nilai Islam seperti memupuk kasih sayang khususnya kepada Allah dan Rasul, mengajak melakukan kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran serta membangkitkan semangat kesatuan dalam kalangan umat Islam.

    Antara objektif pertandingan ini adalah untuk memberi pendedahan kepada pelajar mengenai hiburan Islam yang sebenar, mencungkil dan mengasah bakat dalam kalangan pelajar serta membina keyakinan mereka ketika di atas pentas.

    Selain itu, kemahiran berfikir secara kreatif adalah salah satu kemahiran abad ke-21 yang penting untuk dikuasai pelajar masa kini bagi mencapai aspirasi negara ke arah menjadi negara maju serta mampu bersaing di peringkat global.

    Menyedari kepentingan kemahiran ini, setiap pelajar perlu diberi peluang mengaplikasikan pembelajaran dalam bilik darjah (teori) kepada penghasilan sesuatu yang baru (praktikal) - sejajar dengan tujuan penganjuran Cabaran Arkitek Muda.

    Bukan itu saja, ramai bersetuju pelajar sekolah tanpa mengira peringkat adalah aset penting dalam masyarakat bagi menentukan masa depan negara yang maju dan berjaya. Oleh itu, mereka perlu didedahkan dengan pelbagai pengalaman semasa di bangku sekolah lagi agar dapat menggilap bakat sedia ada.

    Kebolehan bercakap di khalayak umum adalah satu bakat yang penting bagi menyediakan pelajar berkeyakinan tinggi dan berkepemimpinan. Salah satu cara membentuk bakat ini adalah melalui aktiviti bercerita.

    Oleh itu, pertandingan bercerita berkisarkan kisah daripada al-Quran adalah inisiatif untuk memupuk bakat berkenaan di samping mengambil pengajaran sebagai pengisian cerita.

    Selain mendidik akal dan mengasah bakat pelajar sekolah lebih berdaya saing, matlamat membentuk insan Muslim berkeyakinan tinggi, cintakan Allah dan Rasul tidak boleh dipandang remeh.

    Melalui Pencarian Muazzin Muda dan Solehah Cilik, ia diharapkan mampu menjadikan laungan azan sebagai satu seni yang perlu dikekalkan dalam kalangan umat Islam sejak kecil selain mencungkil bakat hafazan al-Quran khususnya Muslimah berusia tujuh hingga 12 tahun.

    Tahun ini, Pencarian Solehah Cilik membuka penyertaan kepada peserta dari luar negara seperti Singapura dan Indonesia untuk turut serta.

    Pupuk sifat prihatin

    Al-Quran diturunkan sebagai panduan untuk umat Islam dalam menjalani kehidupan sebagai seorang Muslim. Namun bagaimana ia boleh menjadi panduan jika tidak dibaca dan dipelajari? Bermula daripada World #QuranHour dan Malaysia #QuranHour yang dianjurkan oleh Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas, Children #QuranHour juga adalah acara susulan yang memberi fokus kepada pembabitan kanak-kanak dalam mendalami al-Quran.

    Tahun ini, MICF sekali lagi meneruskan acara berkenaan buat kali kedua pada 30 Julai lalu dengan kerjasama Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas yang disertai lebih 200 kanak-kanak bersama-sama membaca al-Quran dalam tempoh satu jam bermula jam 11 pagi.

    Kanak-kanak juga perlu didedahkan dengan sifat prihatin dan bersyukur dengan apa yang mereka ada dalam kehidupan seharian. Melalui aktiviti kemasyarakatan, kita boleh menanam sifat prihatin dan kasih sayang kepada insan lain terutamanya kepada kanak-kanak yang kurang bernasib baik.

    Buat kali pertama, MICF 2017 mengadakan projek #Teddy4Hugs yang memerlukan kanak-kanak perlu membawa mainan berbentuk anak patung lembut (plush toys) sama ada yang baru atau terpakai untuk diagihkan kepada kanak-kanak di kem pelarian Syria di Calais, Perancis.

    Projek ini mendapat sokongan daripada pusat beli-belah dalam talian, amaxMALL dan kartun popular Didi & Friends yang turut menyumbang barangan mainan untuk dihantar kepada kanak-kanak pelarian Syria.

    Projek ini diusahakan bersama Persatuan Kebajikan AnNajah Selangor yang berganding bahu dengan sekumpulan sukarelawan, Kitchen In Calais, yang akan mengagihkan sebahagian sumbangan ke Idlib, Syria.

    Selain kanak-kanak, ibu bapa dan penjaga juga perlu mengambil berat aspek keselamatan apabila membawa anak ke mana-mana. Menyedari kepentingan ilmu pertolongan cemas, pihak MICF bekerjasama dengan Fakulti Sains Perubatan Kolej Universiti Cyberjaya untuk mengadakan bengkel ‘Daily Medical Assistant Responder’ yang akan membabitkan ibu bapa dan penjaga apabila berhadapan dengan keadaan yang tidak diingini.

    Article By myMetro

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  7. NGO calls for help to send 1,000 teddy bears to Syrian children

    SERDANG: A non-governmental organisation here is calling for the public to help send 1,000 teddy bears to Syrian children.

    The programme #Teddy4Hugs is being carried out in conjunction with the Malaysia Islamic Children Fair (MICF) exhibition currently running at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) until Monday.

    MICF organiser, Zurriyat Ventures Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Dayang Lily Maznah Abang Muas, said the project is focused on encouraging children to donate old and new teddy bears, and plush toys for the campaign.

    “The teddy bears and plush toys will be distributed to the Syrian children at the Syrian refugee camp in Idlib, Syria.

    “Compassion and gratitude are two very important values which should be part of our children’s nature. The #Teddy4Hugs project in collaboration with Persatuan Kebajikan AnNajah Selangor and supported by e-commerce platform,, is a programme which aims to teach children the spirit of love and compassion for those who are less fortunate.

    “We want them to be grateful for what they have been given,” she said, adding that they were aiming to collect at least 1,000 teddy bears and plush toys.

    She said apart from that, there would be a series of activities that children and their parents can participate in throughout the five days event.

    “There will be national level Quran storytelling competition, young architect challenge, young Muslim talent, and daily medical assistant responder workshop for parents as well as the popular #QuranHour.”

    Meanwhile, CEO, Datin Nik Sarina Lughman Hashim said the e-commerce business platform was looking forward to participate in the trans-border CSR project.

    “The prolonged war in Syria has robbed Syrian children of their childhood. We hope the #Teddy4Hugs will bring joy to the children there,” she said.

    During the event, local cartoon characters such as Didi & Friends, Boboiboy, and Omar and Hana made special appearances to entertain the children.

    Article By New Straits Times

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  8. (SEMASA) AMAXMALL UMUM 4 RAKAN KERJASAMA STRATEGIK – Inisiatif terkini perkasa sektor e-dagang PKS dan usahawan mikro

    KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Mei 2017: (amaxMALL) hari ini mengumumkan kerjasama strategik dengan Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK), PEMANDU Associates Sdn. Bhd. (PEMANDU), Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) dan Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (FELDA).

    Melalui kerjasama strategik tersebut, ia menjadikan amaxMALL sebagai platform e-dagang yang dipercayai, lengkap dan peneraju dalam memasarkan jenama generasi baru rentas sempadan.

    “Inisiatif terbaharu ini disasar mengiktiraf amaxMALL sebagai platform e-dagang pilihan usahawan mikro, jenama tempatan dan perusahaan kecil dan sederhana (PKS) sekaligus membolehkan produk mereka dipasarkan secara meluas,” kata Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Asiaspace Sdn. Bhd., Datin Dr. Nik Sarina Hashim.

    Dr. Nik Sarina berkata, platform kondusif seperti amaxMALL menggalakkan perniagaan tradisional, terutama PKS dan usahawan mikro beralih ke bidang e-dagang bagi mengukuhkan kedudukan Malaysia sebagai hab digital. Beliau berkata demikian dalam majlis memperkenalkan wajah baharu laman sesawang amaxMALL di ibu negara, hari ini.

    Yang turut hadir ialah Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Perdagangan Dalam Negeri) KPDNKK, Dato Basaruddin Sadali dan Pengerusi Asiaspace Sdn. Bhd., Datuk Abdul Ghani Abdullah.

    Dalam majlis tersebut, amaxMALL yang dimiliki dan dikendalikan sepenuhnya oleh Asiaspace Sdn. Bhd. turut menyaksikan transformasi dari laman pasaran atas talian (online marketplace) ke platform e-dagang (e-commerce platform).

    “Kami di amaxMALL akan sentiasa membantu para usahawan tempatan untuk mengembang e-dagang di Malaysia dengan menawarkan iklim e-dagang yang lebih baik dan latihan intensif kepada mereka selain pemasaran gerila menerusi platform digital,” kata Dr. Nik Sarina.

    Dengan lebih 700 vendor berdaftar, amaxMALL menawarkan 6 kategori iaitu fesyen, teknologi, makanan, keibuan, kecantikan dan keperluan rumah untuk penghantaran ke seluruh negara. Bagi meningkatkan mutu dan kecekapan penghantaran produk kepada pelanggan, amaxMALL juga menubuhkan saluran penghantaran khas yang dikenali sebagai amaxtapau.

    Article by - Galaksi Media

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  9. MARA aims to open industrial complex in every State

    KUALA LUMPUR: Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) plans to open an industrial complex in every state to attract more local entrepreneurs to participate in the global halal market.

    Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister, Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi said so far, seven complexes in the country had been categorised as halal parks as part of efforts to realise the mission.

    "One of the main focuses is to encourage local entrepreneurs to join the global halal market which has an annual worth of RM7.4 trillion, while the export value of halal products from Malaysia is only RM37.7 billion."
    He said this to reporters after the official opening of the Kompleks Industri Makanan MARA (KIMAR) or MARA Food Industry Complex in Batu Caves, near, here, today.

    KIMAR offers 19 factory lots for products churned out by entrepreneurs with facilities which meet the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

    These complexes are also found in Tambun (Perak), Pengkalan Chepa (Kelantan), Kuala Perlis (Perlis), Demak Laut (Sarawak) and Taman Pengeluar Produk Usahawan (TPPU) in Pedas (Negeri Sembilan).

    Nanta said KIMAR products were found in the local hypermarkets such as Mydin, Giant and Tesco, and had also penetrated international markets such as Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

    At the event today, Nanta also launched the Amaxmall online e-marketplace programme, a transaction platform for more than 200 products by MARA entrepreneurs.

    Article By astroawani

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  10. Daya eUsahawan by MDEC in affiliation with amaxMall as official e-commerce partner 2016

    On the 8th till the 9th November 2016, a programme to launch and celebrate 3000 successful entrepreneurs who managed to emerge from a pool of hundreds and thousands of other entrepreneurs. The competitive spirit of the entrepreneurs were rewarded with gala dinners and special appearances from talk hosts such as Datuk Aliff Syukri and entourage. The event was officiated by our prime minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and was covered by a range of media. amaxMall became the e-usahawan programme’s official partner in e-commerce to provide an unparalleled experience that will spearhead the entrepreneurs into greater heights.

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