Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. amaxMALL Open Day

    An event that gives a welcome to the community and a unique insight of the e-commerce company who provides both digital & physical marketing opportunity to empower the local brands!

    There’s only so much information you can get of a product from a company’s website or portal during online shopping.  You’ll probably come across lots of glossy images of a company and its product profile & descriptions, nature of the business operation, people and several of events held. But these only touch the surface of what it’s like actually being displayed - And that’s where company’s Open Day comes in. 

    amaxMALL had just recently organized its Open Day at TTDI premise on November 1-5, 2017.

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    I am awakened by a loud cry. Aliya stands wailing in her crib. Her round face with large almond shaped eyes that are now wet. I give her a kiss and glance at the clock on my bedside table. It flashes 530am. I stagger out of bed and stroke Aliya's curly locks whilst inserting her Tommy Tippee pink pacifier in her mouth with the hope that she will stop her crying for a wee bit. It works.

    I remove her Avent bottle from the Bubbles bottle warmer. A trick I had learnt recently so that a quick bottle of milk was ready for my little one immediately when needed. Not to mention to avoid my mind going into panic mode with a hungry baby. It helps make sure my day starts on a calmer note. I pass the baby the bottle and watch as she guzzles her Puremil full cream milk with gusto which she loves. She used to be a fussy feeder before Puremil. How time has flown by, I think. Aliya is now 1 year old.

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