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  1. - on Championing The IKS!

    (edited video-interview in BM version is available)

    A vibrant CEO with a mandate to empower & display the local-made brands.

    Greetings from the NX Digital Studio! Take 3..2..1..Action! Here we are! is ON AIR!    Welcoming an elegant personality to appear on the screen is the CEO of amaxMALL Sdn. Bhd., Datin Dr. Nik Sarina Hashim. With her radiant smile she says – ‘Hello, and thank you for having me here’! - Enough for a brief introduction to welcome the audience.

    The importance of online buying has somewhat shone a spotlight on an important trend: Traditional retailers and brands are deepening their relationships with start-ups commercializing revolutionary technologies and ground-breaking business models. Whether in the form of collaborations or something else, these new alignments highlight an inescapable reality: Everything about how consumers discover, shop and buy is changing, and established retailers and brands must adapt. Shifts in shopping trends are global and the offline-to-online trend is gaining momentum.

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  2. Karnival Usahawan Desa 2017

    The Karnival Usahawan Desa, KUD was recently held at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur on October 19-22, 2017. The four-day-long carnival had provided a boost for business among entrepreneurs from rural areas nationwide. The carnival had an air of rural hospitality as more shoppers thronged the carnival where some 700 entrepreneurs participated in the event. 

    KUD is a project under the marketing program to promote and expand market access that will maximize rural products / services through the combination of various marketing strategies in one program. It had its focus on six business areas, which were food and beverages, services and hospitality, lifestyle, beauty and wellness, agriculture products as well as Information & Communication Technology, ICT.

    The KUD has actually able to create opportunities for rural products / services to explore market potential. It focuses on creating market opportunities such as diversifying business networks, promoting entrepreneurial spirit and principles by means of market access and commercialization through a matching process.

    It’s all about…..The Business Matching!


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