Nori Soothing Plus (180ml) x 5

Nori Soothing Plus (180ml) x 5

Arissa Plus Set Make Up 3 Minit

Arissa Plus Set Make Up 3 Minit

Agarwood Nano Anti Acne Cream (50ml)

Halal skincare! 

A multipurpose cream for acne & Breakouts, scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin, dehydrated skin.

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Agarwood Aulia Oud Nano Cream Acne & Breakouts Lotion is formulated from 100% plant-based ingredients. Its contains myriad types of natural antioxidant. 

Able to protect your skin from damageing affects of UV SPF30 related stress and pollutants, prevent spread of free radicals which accelerate the development of visible signs of aging and lead to connective tissue degeneration.

Its is soothing non-greasy formula that absorb easily into the skin, rich moisturizing ingredient to reduce itchiness & irritation, improve skin hydration smooth and soften rough dry skin.

Ingredient :

Distilled water, lauric asid, tocopheryl acetate, hydoxycinammic acid, syrigol, decanoic acid, myristic acid, plant lecithin, tyrosol, 10-hydroxyoleuropein, hydroxyligstroside, oleic acid, 1-hexadecanol.

Usage : 

Apply directly onto skin, rub gently and evently.

Intruction :

Store and keep at room temperatured.

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