Rkay Miracle Hair Perfume

Rkay Miracle Hair Perfume

Lovera Magic Jelly New Enhanced Formula

Lovera Magic Jelly New Enhanced Formula

Avia Organic VCO (250 ml)

AVIA Organic VCO is 100% all-natural, no chemical, no mercury.

This may be taken as a part of your daily Health Supplement, used as a Massage Oil, In Cooking, as Salad Dressing or as a Skin & Hair Moisturiser

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  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Increases Energy
  • Improves Digestion
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Regulates Metabolism
  • Curb Cravings
  • Boosts Brain Function
  • Kills Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi (Helps with infections)
  • Improves Dental Quality & Bone Strength
  • Natural Hair & Skin Care

Considered a functional food, organic coconut oil is now being recognized by the medical community as a powerful tool against diseases related to the immune system. Several studies have been done on its effectiveness in this area, and much research is currently underway concerning the incredible nutritional value of pure organic virgin coconut oil.

Organic coconut oil is highly nutritious and contains a superior disease-fighting fatty acid called lauric acid. It is also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Here are the 10 AMAZING Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil:

1. Maintains Health and Weight

  • The oil helps boost and regulate your metabolism to keep your weight under control with this wonder oil.

2. Supports Immune System

  • Organic coconut oil is packed with lauric acid, immune supporting nutrient.

3. Promotes a healthy Heart

  • Coconut oil is full of healthy fats that are good for your heart, hence becoming a great addition to your daily diet.

4. Energy Booster

  • Organic coconut oil assists in making you feel less fatigued by stimulating your metabolism. It can also enhance athletic performance.

5. Supports a Healthy Thyroid Function

  • Organic coconut oil stimulates the activity and proper functioning of this important gland which provides energy, supports the health of your skin and metabolism, and regulates your moods as well.

6. Keeps Your Skin Youthful and Smooth

  • Using organic virgin coconut oil as a lotion will help improve the condition of your skin, hair, and nails due to its moisturizing and smoothing effects.

7. Increases Cell Regeneration

  • When your metabolic rate increases, your cell regeneration speeds up as well. This means that your body will replace old cells with newer, healthier cells at a more efficient and constant rate.

8. Promotes Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Bacterial Activity

  • Teeming with lauric acid, organic coconut oil possesses an abundance of natural agents that helps reduces fungus, bacteria and viruses that may cause influenza, herpes, and other illnesses.

9. Improves Insulin Secretion

  • This helps to better utilize glucose to balance the insulin output which can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the health risks associated with diabetes.

10. Protect Your Body from Diseases

  • Organic coconut oil helps protect your body from cell damaging free radicals.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. HALAL & CO does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice shared here by HALAL & CO are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.

*If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

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