Merve Mermaid Eye Make up Brush

Merve Mermaid Eye Make up Brush

Anis Lashes  [Code:001]

Anis Lashes [Code:001]

Bluebells Charcoal Face Mask (75ml)

It's HALAL! Smoothes the Skin Texture and to absorb the pores, the blackheads and dirt.

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Ingredients : Water, polyvinyl alcoho, glycerin, citrus paradisi, PEG-8, panthenol, fruity fragrance, cellulose gum, tetrasodium EDTA, activated carbon, bamboo charcoal, rosemary extract, avena sativa extract, pot marigold, zinc gluconate, lecithin, retinyl palmitate, arachidyl propionate, tocopheryl acelate, collagen ethyllinolenate, xanthan gum, limonene, linalool.

Usage : Dry the cleansed area and apply the masque on desired area(avoid eyebrows, eyes and lips).

Peel it off after 20-30 minutes.

To achieve better results, apply toner so as to tighten and cleanse the pores throughly.

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