EARTHBEST Organic Banana Blueberry Puree (6mth+)

EARTHBEST Organic Banana Blueberry Puree (6mth+)

Caliph Chewable Tablet Calci – Kids (Chocolate)

Caliph Chewable Tablet Calci – Kids (Chocolate)

Caliph Chewable Tablet Calci – Kids (Rose)

Calcium is perhaps the most essential nutrient when it comes to bone health. Building strong bones is like building a healthy balance for your body. It plays as an important role in keeping the heart healthy at all times. Kids need sufficient calcium as they grow up and calcium is essentially needed to support their growing bones. Chewable Tablet Calci – Kids is specially developed to help children with their calcium intake to grow for a healthy life.

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Chewable Tablet Calci – Kids contain ingredients that are beneficial for young children. Daily consumption of this helps to improve brain development, increase immunization, smoothen blood flow and are high in antioxidants. It has a special ingredient, bonapep, which is a great source of calcium and assists in absorbing calcium in your kids daily diet.

Chewable Tablet Calci – Kids was developed after a process of R&D and has gone through lab tests to ensure its quality.

It comes in two flavours – Rose and Chocolate

Scheme milk, raisin, tomato, pomegranate, marigold extract, saffron, grape seed extract, bonapep

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