Bio shifax Argan Oil Bio Serum (20ml)

Bio shifax Argan Oil Bio Serum (20ml)

LA’C Aqua B Ultimate Hydra Serum

LA’C Aqua B Ultimate Hydra Serum

LA'C EE Cream Enlighten Effect Cream SPF 30 PA++

EE Cream

Give your day and your face a nice, smooth start. An all-in-one ultimate beauty solution that simplifies your routine and maximizes your beauty. It primes and perfects the skin for a flawless, luminous, even-toned skin. It instantly nourishes and beautifies your skin, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, firm youthful and radiant glow

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Active Ingredient

Snow Algae Extract
A new anti-ageing activity with this snow algae extractbased on a caloric restriction mimetic anti-ageing activity, which has been shown to significantly extend the life span of organisms.

Pearl Powder
Pearlt powder nourishes the skin and makes it smooth, fine, elastic, healthy and brings naturally beauty, it provides anti-wrinkling & anti aging promote radiant, youthful-looking skin and improve the vitality of the skin.

Exopolysaccharide obtained through biotechnology by fermentation of a marine bacterial strain collected from a colony of mussel. Water retaining capacity higher than hyaluronie acid/possess immediate wrinkle reducer ability and moisturizing long-lasting effect.

Encapsulated Sunscreen
Molecular encapsulation in supramolecular chemistry is the confinement of a guest molecule inside the cavity of a supramolecular host molecule (molecular capsule, molecular container or cage compounds)

6 NOs

  • No Paraben!
  • NO Mit!
  • No Lanolin!
  • No Mineral Oil!
  • No Alcohol!
  • No Comedogenic Ingredients!
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