Visuci Dishwasher with Pure Lime Extract (900ml)

Visuci Dishwasher with Pure Lime Extract (900ml)

1688 Dish Wash

1688 Dish Wash

Gramps Asia Dish Wash (500ml)

Uniquely converts oil into a water-base solution when mixed with water. It works effectively to clean and shine any stainless-steel kitchen-ware, ceramic, glass and plastic-ware. This formulation reduces your labour effort, the amount of water used, and the harmful oil waste that comes out of your kitchen because the wastewater from the dishwash continuous to clean your sink and the piping system until the formulation is exhausted.

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Converts oil into a water-based solution

Effective in eliminating bacteria leaving your dishes really clean

Shiny finish and does not leave your dishes cloudy especially glassware. Absolutely easy to use even in getting rid of oil on plasticware.

Reduces toxic oil waste dramatically from househould

This non-toxic and water-based formula is safe for floors where babies and pets roam freely. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

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