Kruss Honey Apple Cider

Kruss Honey Apple Cider

Lunia Halal Bird's Nest with Collagen

Lunia Halal Bird's Nest with Collagen

Lunia Halal Bird's Nest with Cordycep

1st ON-THE-GO Bird Nest Drink in a sachet. It comes in a liquefied form and it is ready to be consumed, straight from sachet – Just tear and sip.

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All the goodness from bird's nest in a sachet. Using Swiflet's Bird's Nest Hydropep Powder as its base, together with other natural ingredients as a flavour booster; we have developed the 1st On-the-Go bird's nest drink in a sachet. The drink is packed in an affordable portion that is easy to consume straight from the sachet; just tear and sip. Convenient and easy to carry around.


  1. High in antioxidants
  2. Helps improve blood circulation (assists in reducing the risk of hypertension, migraine, kidney and heart problems)
  3. An energy booster - suitable for both men and women who need that extra energy

Water, bird's nest, pomegranate, honey, fish collagen, goji berries, cordyceps, smylax myosotiflora, vitamin C, stevia, sucrose and lemon flavour.
Contains permitted stabiliser as food conditioner, preservative and flavouring.

Serving suggestion:
Tear one sachet and pour directly into mouth. Drink it with a glass of plain water if needed. For best results, consume 2 times a day; once before breakfast and once before sleep. Do not expose to sunlight. Suitable at room temperature, recommended to be stored in the refrigerator.

What is in the box: 1 x 30 sachets of 15ml Bird's Nest Drink with Cordycep

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