Tanamera Mini Weekend Wellness Kit

Tanamera Mini Weekend Wellness Kit

Merbliss Hand Cream - Buy 2 and Get 1 Free

Merbliss is an abbreviation for “May Everyday Remain BLISS.” We understand the greatness of small daily happiness in life and how cherishable they can be. Every moment from the sweetness of a short break, mind healing from a short voyage, and a short time of your own, we want to be there with you at all times to make unforgettable memories and to share your happy moments.

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- Tends the dry and rough hands with smooth moisture.
- Cares the hands and the nails simultaneously.
- Moist brightening hand cream without stickiness.
- Wedding Dress Series Hand Cream comes in three scents: Rose Garden, Berry Mix and Baby Powder.
- This item is a must when in need of getting a nail and hand care, wet and moist hands, and when especially looking for high moisture and nutritious hand cream.
- Volume: 50g
- Suitable for All Skin Type
- Made in Korea
- 100% original, we are certified distributor in Malaysia.

How to Use
Apply appropriate amount onto your hands and gently rub hands together in circular motion

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