Ridov Antimicrobial 500Ml Spray : 24 Bottles

Ridov Antimicrobial 500Ml Spray : 24 Bottles

Ridov Antimicrobial 500Ml Spray : 1 Bottle

  • RIDOV is an antimicrobial surface disinfectant product with 99.99% efficacy in killing the germs.
  • It is Biodegradable & Green technology product manufactured from natural resources i.e. combination of Active Silver ions with Aloe Vera that able to provide 72 hours protection.
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Ridov Antimicrobial Compound is a Gold Global Green Tag Certified and effective for 72 hours.


RIDOV is to be used without be diluted. The product is patented to keep killing up to 72 hours from the time of application. RIDOV is easy to apply in a two-step process

1. When using the 500ml RIDOV spray bottle, lightly spray on the area surface and wipe to remove all dirt and grime such as general food, drink, blood and or sputum)

2. Once surface is clean, re-apply a thin layer of RIDOV and with the second clean cloth or applicator and spread evenly over all surfaces and let dry.

Types of surface areas applicable :

Ridov is a multipurpose product that clean and disinfect various surfaces such as tables, chairs, trays, shelves, bedheads, side rails, frame, floors, walls doors, air conditioners toilets, bathrooms , drains & many others.

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