Visuci Body Lotion (100ml)

Visuci Body Lotion (100ml)

Agarwood Premium Soap (100g)

Agarwood Premium Soap (100g)

Visuci Shower Gel (250ml)

Vital protection with clay technology for your body.

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Enriched with natural minerals ClayMiFF which gives 99.9% protection from harmful bacteria. 

ClayMiFF serves to neutralise and removes death cell as well as the skin rejuvation. 

Visuci ClayMiFF shower gel ables to protect skin from free radiation and UV rays, gets rid from agne and rashes on the body, brighter the skin as well as removes body's odor. 

Makes the skin smooth and fresh alll day.

Direction : Pour the desired quantity on palms, rub and spread evenly to the body and rinse with clean water.

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